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//: Welcome!

For those of you who don’t know….
SqueakMachine.com is an upcoming Beauty Site that focuses on the more sub cultural aspects of fashion.
It is a information site dedicated to eccentric "underground" styles and high fashion.

The site will feature:
- Step by step make-up tutorials
- Fake/synthetic hair guides
- DIY clothing tutorials and pics
- Make-up product reviews
- Arts and crafts for home decor and random fun
- Beauty and skin care advice and tips
- The latest trends in street and club fashion
- and lots lots more!
    Community Guidelines:
SqueakMachine.com may carry my name but it is certainly not all about me. It is an information site that is open to everyone. The more people who contribute; the bigger and better this site will be. Just think, finally, one internet resource for all of your beauty and fashion needs!
I will be using this LJ community to aid me in the completion of the site. The following are just some of the things this community can be used for:

Site Discussion: Post questions, comments, or suggestions for the upcoming site. If there is something you would like to see on the site, or a project you would like me to do a tutorial on, or a make-up technique you would like me to do…..post it in the community!
Picture Submission: Want to submit some pictures for the site? Rather then e-mailing them to me, you can just submit them here. Please remember to follow the guidelines outlined on the preliminary site . PLEASE NOTE! I will assume that anyone who posts pics in this community is giving me permission to use them on the site. So if you are not comfortable with having your photos on the site, don’t post them in this community.
Banner or Site Exchange: If you have a website that you would like me to consider linking on SqueakMachine.com please post a link here as well as a few of your banners. Also include a brief description of what the site is. I will be accepting all kinds of sites; business, personal, informative, etc…
Questions: Have a fashion or beauty question that you would like to see answered on the site? This is the place to post it! I will be checking the community frequently for tutorial, tips, and FAQ ideas.
Fanbase: Have absolutely nothing to contribute to the site? That’s okay! We still appreciate friends and fans of the site. Help support and promote by creating or posting banners…spread the word and get others involved….or join in on a discussion or two! Or if you are really lazy, just join the community to show your support.

The official site for SqueakMachine.com is due to be launched within the next few months.
For now, you can find information about the site here: